The Journey to Homeownership: Part 3 - Finding a Home

The Journey to Homeownership: Part 3 - Finding a Home

February 14th, 2018

Find your dream home in 4 simple steps  Using these tips will make finding your dream home easy.

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You have made it past the first stops on the journey to your new home; determining your homebuying budget.

Now it's time to start the fun part: looking for your new home!

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Step 1: Pick the best real estate Agent.

Together with your lender, the real estate agent is a vital player in your homebuying strategy. Begin by asking trusted friends, family, and colleaguesfor any referrals - as an industry professional with decades for experience and knowledge I'd love the opportunity to provide you with the names of trusted, competent real estate agents of whom I have firsthand knowledge of their ability - either way, you will want to talk to a few agents before deciding on the one for you.  

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Step 2: Choose the right Home.

Purchasing a new home can sometimes be a stress filled undertaking. Coming up with a listing of features you can categorized as: "must haves", "would like to haves", and "don't wants" will help uou remain focused when you are checking out possible new homes. Here is a useful list you may use whenever you view a property.  

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Step 3: Submit your Offer.

Your real estate agent or lawyer will draft an arrangement that lays out the terms and conditions for the sale. Right here is a partial list of issues that may be a part of your offer. During a seller's market, you might get a counteroffer, and the buyer's agent may negotiate as your representative.  

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Step 4: Obtain a Home Inspection.

A home inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the home, from foundation to rooftop, that evaluates the home's general condition along with required repairs. Although it is an added expense, a home inspection is strongly recommended. The inspector will be searching for specific things like leaky roofs, termite damage, and structural concerns.  

Got questions about the homebuying journey so far?  Give me a call anytime for more info on costs, financing, or how to find a great agent!

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